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We're Halfway There!

Posted Jul 02, 2022 by Ray Patrick

The twenty-sixth week of 2022 has just wrapped up. If you started the one-year Bible-reading plan with me back in January, you’re halfway through the Bible now!

A little bit of reading each day sure adds up! Just think: you’ve now read these books in their entirety:

The Old Testament

The New Testament

Here’s to another 6 months!

If you haven’t been on the plan (or if you fell off the wagon), don’t fret. You can start next year - or at any time! My bibleplan script can generate the plan for any calendar year; feel free to use it for 2023. I would also invite whoever wants to help: why not take a stab at improving the source code to allow creating a plan that starts anytime, not just in January?

(Of course, let’s be honest: scripts and such are nice tools, but as with any other pursuit in life, your tools aren’t going to do it for you!)

To all who are studying the word of God, whether on this plan or another: my very best wishes in your scholarship. May the Holy Spirit illuminate these truths for you day by day.

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