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Bible Plan Complete!

Posted Dec 30, 2022 by Ray Patrick

We Made It!

A year ago last Tuesday, I invited everyone who saw my site to read through this Bible plan during the year of 2022. (I also offered a shell script that I wrote to help automatically follow it using kjv(1), but the exact method of reading through it doesn’t matter. Personally, I prefer to read from paper whenever possible.) I recommended that plan because:

  1. It covers the entire Bible (or, optionally, just the New Testament) in one year;
  2. It requires just five days of reading per week, allowing you time to catch up if you fall behind;
  3. It places the events of Scripture in (or very near) chronological order;
  4. It spaces the Gospels evenly throughout so that the good news of Jesus Christ is kept at the forefront all year;
  5. It is so simple that you can just jump into it.

If you missed the boat this year, no worries. You can start whenever you want! But for everyone who did read all the way through the Bible this year (especially if it was your first time doing so), take a moment and contemplate all that you’ve read:

The Old Testament

The New Testament

Staggering, right? Over the past year, you’ve read “the Bible,” but it’s not just one book. You’ve really read sixty-six distinct books and letters written over thousands of years, spanning multiple nations, cultures and languages, and preserved right down the centuries to our day. Though they are myriad, all sixty-six of these books are perfectly harmonized around one single truth: God himself came into the world in the person of the man Jesus Christ, died for our sins, was dead three days, and is now alive forevermore, having crushed death to death! All those who trust in him may have eternal life!

What Now?

The sky’s the limit! Now that you’ve got a bird’s-eye view of the entire Bible, you can start anywhere you want to begin studying more in depth. I haven’t yet decided where I’ll start focusing in 2023, but I’ll likely write about some of it. In the meantime, I hope this year of reading through the Bible has been as fruitful and illuminating for you as it has for me.

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