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2022: Year in Review

Posted Dec 31, 2022 by Ray Patrick

Another Year Done

And what a year it’s been! Early in the year I got back into amateur radio and even received some NOAA weather satellite imagery. I also, ultimately, lost my battle against the Department of the Air Force regarding the covid vaccine. Of course, I started reading through the Bible as well.

Plenty of other good things happened this year, too, but I’m not going to over-share my personal life on the Internet. Suffice to say that God is good and I’m blessed beyond what I deserve!

Things I Read

(Besides the Bible, that is)



Time for Reflection

How was your year? It’s always helpful to reflect on:

Of course, each of these four categories can contain both good and bad things. If you’re the type to make resolutions, this is a fruitful way to begin. As for me, I plan to spend 2023 finding ways to cut out unnecessary things so I can spend more time with my family.

My best wishes for a happy new year!

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