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One Year Post-Shot

Posted Mar 30, 2023 by Ray Patrick

This will likely be my final post on the topic of covid.

One year ago today, I showed up to my neighborhood pharmacy to get the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. (I went back on 20 April for the second dose.) Aside from some flu-like symptoms, I felt fine – and I still do. It’s been a year and I’m still running, lifting, and doing everything I used to with no difference.

However, as I wrote last year, my opinion has not changed. I still don’t think this shot is necessary and I still think the mandate was wrong. However, I do not believe the shot is some 5G cosmic-ray binary weapon cooked up by Bill Gates and the reptilian aliens. (Theories like that are most likely well-poisoning efforts intended to shut down public debate on the shots by characterizing all that oppose them as kooks.) The most charitable explanation I can possibly summon is that public hysteria was used as an excuse to pencil-whip the requirements for bringing drugs like that to the market, therefore funneling a lot of cash to Pfizer and friends. Big Pharma didn’t all of a sudden stop being the way they are.

I was compelled to take the shot by my employer, after appealing to them didn’t work. Obeying my earthly masters – just or unjust – is consistent with (and actually required by) my faith per 1 Peter 2:13-24. Therefore, I put any “The shot is the Mark of the Beast!!!” nonsense right into the trash along with the aforementioned microchips and 5G lizards. I confess that Jesus Christ the Son of God came in the flesh, bore our sins in his body upon the tree, was dead and buried three days, but is alive now and forevermore, and will come again to judge the quick and the dead.


  1. I was forced to take the Pfizer shot a year ago and I’m fine.
  2. I still think the shots are basically useless and nobody should have been forced to get them.
  3. As time has passed and data about their efficacy has come out, I have downgraded my opinion of the shots from “possibly dangerous” to “likely useless.” This still translates to “not worth it.”
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