Ray Patrick

My Library

The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.
Mark Twain

These are all the books in my personal library, excluding e-books. My formal education is technical: I have a B.S. in aerospace engineering, focused in astronautics, and my thesis was on stability & control theory. I found that subject fascinating, and still do, but I'm also trying my best to obtain a well-rounded education in the liberal arts - the classical artes liberales, that is, not modern grievance studies. I'm doing well so far; I have at least a few books from every major division of the Dewey Decimal System.

I've organized my books by the DDS; you can use the links below to jump to a particular class. In time, I may hyperlink some of these books when I decide to do reviews or simply mention them in my writing.

000: Computer Science, Knowledge, and Systems

000: Computer Science, Information, and General Works

030: Encyclopedias and Books of Facts

100: Philosophy and Psychology

110: Metaphysics

150: Psychology

180: Ancient, Medieval, and Eastern Philosophy

200: Religion

220: The Bible

230: Christianity

240: Christian practice and observance

260: Social and Ecclesiastical Theology

290: Other Religions

300: Social Sciences

320: Political Science

330: Economics

340: Law

350: Public Administration and Military Science

360: Social Problems and Social Services

400: Language

490: Other Languages

500: Science

510: Mathematics

520: Astronomy

530: Physics

600: Technology

620: Engineering

630: Agriculture

640: Home and Family Management

650: Management and Public Relations

680: Manufacture for Specific Uses

700: Arts and Recreation

740: Graphic Arts and Decorative Arts

750: Painting

780: Music

800: Literature

800: Literature, Rhetoric, and Criticism

810: American Literature

820: English Literature

830: German Literature

840: French Literature

850: Italian Literature

900: History and Geography

920: Biography

970: History of North America