Ray Patrick

My Library

Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.

These are all the books in my personal library, excluding e-books. My formal education is technical: I have a B.S. in aerospace engineering, focused in astronautics, and my thesis was on stability & control theory. I found that subject fascinating, and still do, but I’m also trying my best to obtain a well-rounded education in the liberal arts - the classical artes liberales, that is, not modern grievance studies. I’m doing well so far; I have at least a few books from every major division of the Dewey Decimal System.

I’ve organized my books by the DDS; you can use the links below to jump to a particular class. In time, I may hyperlink some of these books when I decide to do reviews or simply mention them in my writing.

000: Computer Science, Knowledge, and Systems

000: Computer Science, Information, and General Works

030: Encyclopedias and Books of Facts

100: Philosophy and Psychology

110: Metaphysics

150: Psychology

180: Ancient, Medieval, and Eastern Philosophy

200: Religion

220: The Bible

230: Christianity

240: Christian practice and observance

260: Social and Ecclesiastical Theology

290: Other Religions

300: Social Sciences

320: Political Science

330: Economics

340: Law

350: Public Administration and Military Science

360: Social Problems and Social Services

400: Language

420: English and Old English

490: Other Languages

500: Science

510: Mathematics

520: Astronomy

530: Physics

600: Technology

610: Medicine and Health

620: Engineering

630: Agriculture

640: Home and Family Management

650: Management and Public Relations

680: Manufacture for Specific Uses

700: Arts and Recreation

740: Graphic Arts and Decorative Arts

750: Painting

780: Music

790: Outline of Sports, Games, and Entertainment

800: Literature

800: Literature, Rhetoric, and Criticism

810: American Literature

820: English Literature

830: German Literature

840: French Literature

850: Italian Literature

900: History and Geography

900: History

920: Biography

970: History of North America