Ray Patrick


Tom Fasano (rss) Webring proprietor
Luke Smith (rss) Linguist, crypto enthusiast
John Walker Founder of Autodesk, publishes cool things relating to math, science, and tech history
Roosh V (rss) Former degenerate pickup artist turned Orthodox Christian
Edward Feser (rss) Philosophy professor, Thomist, Roman Catholic, author of The Last Superstition
Michal Zalewski Infosec expert, also writes about preparedness
Simon Roper Archaeology student / linguist; does fantastic reconstructions of spoken English all the way back to the 10th century


The Babylon Bee (rss) Christian news satire
Not The Bee (rss) Real news from the folks that bring you Babylon Bee (formerly called Disrn)
68K.news Converts the G**gle News feed into simple HTML pages, stripping out ads and other bloat.


Grace Gems Treasury of Reform/Puritan quotes, sermons, books, etc.
Dalrock Blog about Christian marriage (no longer active)
Based.cooking (rss) Simple, no-frills, crowdsourced recipe site
Mr. Money Mustache (rss) “Early Retirement” - or, if you’re not that extreme, some great advice on living frugally
GrowVeg (YouTube) Lots of good gardening tips
50pullups.com Exactly what it sounds like. How to go from being able to do 0 to 50 pullups - a dead-simple but wonderfully beneficial exercise


LandChad.net (rss) How to build your own website!
Emojipedia Useful if you want to copy/paste Emojis/Unicode symbols
Project Gutenberg Free online library
International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) Free online sheet-music library
W3Schools Great resource for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and other web design things


DosGames.com More than 1.5K old DOS games: Doom, Commander Keen, etc.
DosBox MS-DOS emulator for modern systems. Includes SoundBlaster!
The Macintosh Garden Site hosting a lot of classic Mac abandonware
Macintosh Repository Another Mac abandonware site
SheepShaver Old-school Power Mac emulator
Basilisk II 68K Mac emulator
Floodgap Retrocomputing site/host
Textfiles.com ASCII/ANSI textfiles from BBSs and newsgroups of the late 80s/early 90s
QSL.net Email and site hosting service for amateur radio operators. Consequently a great treasure trove of late-90s Web 1.0 sites as well.


Jeff’s Space and Science Pages Seemingly abandoned. A Minnesotan shares space facts.
HyperPhysics Super-extensive Web 1.0 site about nearly every topic in physics.
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal A record of all lunar surface operations conducted by US astronauts during Project Apollo, 1969-1972.
Clavius Debunks “muh Moon landing conspiracy” points
Rocket & Space Technology A good page for elementary or fundamental astronautics knowledge.
Necessary Being Quiz An interactive survey guiding you through the metaphysical underpinnings of whether a Necessary Being (God) exists.


Not Related! (rss) Various “big-braned” topics
Wretched Radio (rss) Hermeneutics & Christian living