Ray Patrick

Before the days of widespread social media and before search engines were all-powerful, people had their own personal websites.

Now that G**gle, F*cebook, R*ddit, and other garbage sites dominate the web, most people don't have a true online presence, much less link to others who do. This is my list of cool stuff I've found, brought to you by a real person, not an algorithm.

Web Buttons

Holdover from kitschy '90s web design? Maybe. But they're coming back!


Tom Fasano Webring proprietor, podcast host tomfasano.net [rss]
Luke Smith Linguist, crypto enthusiast lukesmith.xyz [rss]
John Walker Founder of Autodesk, publishes cool things relating to math, science, and tech history fourmilab.ch
Roosh V Former degenerate pickup artist turned Orthodox Christian rooshv.com [rss]
Edward Feser Philosophy professor, Thomist, Roman Catholic, author of The Last Superstition edwardfeser.blogspot.org [rss]
Michal Zalewski Infosec expert, also writes about preparedness lcamtuf.coredump.cx
Simon Roper 🆕 Archaeology student / linguist; does fantastic reconstructions of spoken English all the way back to the 10th century YouTube


The Babylon Bee Christian news satire babylonbee.com [rss]
Not The Bee Real news from the folks that bring you Babylon Bee (formerly called Disrn) notthebee.com [rss]
68K News 🆕 Converts the G**gle News feed into simple HTML pages, stripping out ads and other bloat. 68k.news


Grace Gems Treasury of Reform/Puritan quotes, sermons, books, etc. gracegems.org
Dalrock Blog about Christian marriage (no longer active) dalrock.wordpress.com
Based.cooking Simple, no-frills, crowdsourced recipe site based.cooking [rss]
Mr. Money Mustache "Early Retirement" - or, if you're not that extreme, some great advice on living frugally mrmoneymustache.com [rss]
GrowVeg Lots of good gardening tips growveg.com


LandChad.net How to build your own website! landchad.net [rss]
Emojipedia Useful if you want to copy/paste Emojis/Unicode symbols emojipedia.org
Project Gutenberg Free online library gutenberg.org
International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) Free online sheet-music library imslp.org
W3Schools Great resource for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and other web design things w3schools.com


DosGames.com More than 1.5K old DOS games: Doom, Commander Keen, etc. dosgames.com
DosBox MS-DOS emulator for modern systems. Includes SoundBlaster! dosbox.com
The Macintosh Garden Site hosting a lot of classic Mac abandonware macintoshgarden.org
Macintosh Repository Another Mac abandonware site macintoshrepository.org
SheepShaver Old-school Power Mac emulator sheepshaver.cebix.net
Basilisk II 68K Mac emulator basilisk.cebix.net
Floodgap Retrocomputing site/host floodgap.com
Textfiles.com ASCII/ANSI textfiles from BBSs and newsgroups of the late 80s/early 90s textfiles.com
QSL.net Email and site hosting service for amateur radio operators. Consequently a great treasure trove of late-90s Web 1.0 sites as well. qsl.net


Jeff's Space and Science Pages Seemingly abandoned. A Minnesotan shares space facts. freemars.org
HyperPhysics Super-extensive Web 1.0 site about nearly every topic in physics. hyperphysics
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal A record of all lunar surface operations conducted by US astronauts during Project Apollo, 1969-1972. ALSJ
Clavius Debunks "muh Moon landing conspiracy" points clavius.org
Rocket & Space Technology A good page for elementary or fundamental astronautics knowledge. braeunig.us


Not Related! Various "big-braned" topics notrelated.xyz [rss]
Wretched Radio Hermeneutics & Christian living wretched.org [rss]