by Ray Patrick
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Follow a Bible-reading plan automatically with kjv(1)

Manuscript of Genesis 1, 1611 Authorised (King James) Version


I host bibleplan at my Git server. To download bibleplan, simply run:

git clone git://
cd bibleplan
sudo make install


bibleplan - Follow a Bible-reading plan automatically with kjv(1)


bibleplan [date] [-l, --list date] [-f, --file] [-e, --edit] [-m, --make year] [-h, --help]


If you already have kjv(1), then bibleplan allows you to follow a Bible-reading plan in your terminal! It reads from a text file containing the reading plan and extracts the passages for the specified date. For example, your plan file may look like the following:

# /usr/local/share/bibleplan/plan.txt
06JAN; Genesis 1-2; Psalm 19; Mark 1
07JAN; Gen 3-5; Mark 2
08JAN; Gen 6-8; Psalm 104; Mark 3
09JAN; Gen 9-11; Mark 4
10JAN; Gen 12-15; Psalm 148; Mark 5


So, if you were to run bibleplan on January 6, it would open Genesis 1-2 in kjv(1). Then, when you closed kjv(1), it would immediately open Psalm 19, then Mark 1 after that. If you run bibleplan without any arguments, it will just try to look up the current day's reading. You could also give it the specific date you want to read for. For instance, "bibleplan 9jan" would open the reading for January 9, no matter what the current date is.


$ bibleplan [date]
If assigned reading exists for [date], opens it in kjv. If [date] is not given, looks up today's reading by default. Dates must be of form 1jan, 1JAN, 01JAN, 01jan.
$ bibleplan -l, --list
Lists the assigned reading for [date]. If [date] is not given, looks up today's reading by default.
$ bibleplan -f, --file
Shows the plan file that bibleplan is using.
$ bibleplan -e, --edit
Opens the current plan file in $EDITOR.
$ bibleplan -m, --make [year]
Will make a new 5 day/week plan for [year]. The new plan will be emitted to stdout. You can do something like $ bibleplan --make 2021 > 2021.txt to write the plan to a text file.
$ bibleplan -h, --help
Prints usage instructions and exits. See 'man bibleplan' for more in-depth documentation.


bibleplan is free software, released under the GNU General Public License, version 3. You are free (and I encourage you!) to copy, modify, and distribute this software, in original or modified state, without anyone's permission, as long as you also release it under this license.