by Ray Patrick
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View weather satellite imagery from your command line!

Composite infrared/water vapor image of contiguous United States


I host sat at my Git server. To download sat, simply run:

git clone git://
cd sat
sudo make install

If you'd prefer to view weather satellite imagery in your browser, check out my ultralight Web-based version here.


sat - GOES weather satellite imagery on the command line


sat SITE IMAGERY_PRODUCT [-i, --interactive] [-u, --url]


sat is a tool that searches for imagery of a slice of the Western hemisphere as viewed by the GOES-East and GOES-West satellites, then retrieves one of 5 different imagery products: black & white infrared, color infrared, visible light, water vapor, or a composite of water vapor and black & white infrared.


GOES satellites really image an entire hemisphere at once, but weather information customers are usually interested in smaller regions. The full-disk GOES image is divided into slices centered on certain geographical regions or features. SITE is the geographical region or feature that the view is centered on. May be one of the following:
GOES satellites have instruments that collect across several spectral bands in both visible light and infrared. IMAGERY_PRODUCT specifies which spectral band you want to see imagery from. May be one of the following:
[-i, --interactive]
Requires dmenu. Allows interactive fuzzy-search input rather than manually typing sites and imagery codes.
[-u, --url]
Just print the URL of the image to stdout rather than opening it with mpv.


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Written by Ray Patrick in 2021.

See Also

mpv(1) dmenu(1)